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Monday Musings

Ghost Poppies, LKW

Ghost Poppies, LKW

“You are the keeper of your own struggle. And you are the keeper of your own impatience. Frustration. And grace too. Of the generosity of your own heart. You are the keeper of your gratitude and courage. Your bravery and intention. Exhale.

And so — you and I. We are each the keepers of our own story — of the kindness we choose to share, of the struggle from which we choose to rise above — and our own joy too.

Today, shine powerfully. Let the rain of your life — be it from a leaking roof or the disappointment of 1,000 moons — find redirection toward something greater. Walk in the sun. Choose joy.” ~ Katie Thurman, Bella Grace magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 1


5 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Hi dear Lydia,

    I hope you are having a good Monday so far. 🙂 🙂

    Loved this quote very much, thank you for it. And as I type I see you have the snow falling on your blog! So fun 😉

    Blessings and light and happy December, my friend –



    • Dear Sweet Allison,

      Do you know this magazine? It is new and expensive but you will love it!

      Yes, I love the snow! I didn’t do a thing to get it and it simply showed up today when I posted to my blog.

      I hope that your Thanksgiving was great — relaxing and peaceful.

      You know, I am not getting your posts in either my inbox or in WordPress notifications. I know that I am having problems with notifications because your posts are not the only ones that I miss. I love to hear what you share so I will do what I can on my end.

      Blessings, thanks and love, lydia

      On Monday, December 1, 2014, seeking querencia <comment-reply@wordpress.com > wrote:



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