Miracles & Magic

Dear Friends,

Once again, you have made it to the finish line! Happy Friday to you! Regardless of how you intend to spend the weekend, may “tiny miracles and magic” touch and follow you wherever you go! With them, the possibilities for a great weekend are limitless.

So, be safe, be happy, and know that you are loved, exactly for who you are, and because you are.

I Count My Blessings

Daisy giving thanks by lkw

It has been a hard day, and I am trying to focus on all the good in my life. You and this blog are among them. Although I do not have hundreds of followers, I have the important ones — you.

I just wanted to take a minute to say that I appreciate you, and thank you for being. You are a blessing, not only to me, and those who know and love you, but to the world. You have meaning, and you matter.

It is hump day and you are closer to the weekend. May the rest of the week bring you joy, peace of bodymindsoul, love, and happiness.

It’s Sunday—be in the moment

acoustic acoustic guitar guitar hammock

Photo by Rebecca Swafford on Pexels.com

“Oh dear Sunday
I want to sleep in your arms
and have fun day.” ~ Santosh Kalwar