A Welcome Reminder

I made myself a promise that this weekend, I’d begin tackling the huge stack of unread magazines and books that lay beside my bed. In issue 15 of one of my favorite magazines, “Bella Grace,” I discovered a short article by Aubrey Moraif, a writer and educator, contributing to the magazine.

The final three sentences of that article are what truly spoke to me, and I share them with you in the hopes that they are a perfect beginning to your new week. May these words follow you throughout the week, and remind you of exactly who you are:

“Today is yours. As the sun peeks out from behind the clouds like your timid soul shining through after years of being hidden, you realize that this morning you are limitless. You’ve always been limitless, and always will be.”

Have a great week.

Are You Listening?

~ Unknown

How true is this? Although I hate to admit it, sometimes it is true for me! What about you? Pay attention to your communications. How often do you find yourself concentrating on one or two statements made by the other person with whom you are speaking, and in your head, instead of listening, you are framing your response to those statements? While we are doing so, how can we listen? Although it may be difficult, let’s give the gift of listening to with whom we are speaking. Have a great weekend!