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Hi there, Looking for me? You can always reach me at: 


1. seekingquerencia(at)gmail(dot)com


2. http://www.twitter(dot)com/stillnessseeker


3. http://www.instagram(dot)com/lydmarwri


4. http://www.pinterest(dot)com/


5. http://www.flckr.com/dsprngsldy



5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. What an inspirational woman, I loved your story and learning the authentic you on your journey. Sometimes when we are so caught up with life and proving ourselves that we don’t listen to the messages that God/Angels send us until it is to late and then we have no choice but to be still and listen and endure the healing that is happening within the body. Sending you love and healing for your body and enjoy your time resting and relaxing surrounded by flowers, wind chimes, water and the magic all around.

    In love and light.


    • I am so honored that you would do that. Mine is a personal journey blog, but it is a great feeling when others find some connection with what I have to say. I did a little research and I found various awards that are similar. Can you direct me to the blog that is the source of this award? I’d like to read about its’ origin and I am delighted to participate. Blessings and thanks, Lydia


  2. Hello, I was just on your website and filled out your “contact us” form. The “contact us” page on your site sends you these messages to your email account which is the reason you’re reading my message at this moment correct? This is the most important achievement with any type of online ad, getting people to actually READ your message and I did that just now with you! If you have an advertisement you would like to promote to millions of websites via their contact forms in the US or anywhere in the world let me know, I can even focus on specific niches and my prices are super reasonable. Write a reply here: Benja57mik57@gmail.com


    • Thanks so much! At this time, I don’t need your services, but I promise to keep your information should I change mind. Blessings and 🙏🏽, Lydia


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