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Just A Wee Thing

Okay, this is not a compelling or serious topic. In fact, it is downright inane. I am working on a more serious post; I thought that I’d balance it out with a fun post. So-o-o, as I was dusting off my perfume bottles, I decided to share my favorite scents with you.

I’ve always worn perfume. It was during the past six years that I recognized their true importance. It was six years ago when I became so sick that I had to resign my job as an attorney.  At first, fragrances were the very least of my concerns and I ignored them as I ignored everything else.  A Since I was no longer working, or being around others, I had no use for it. Little by little, it began to dawn on me that the reason that I’d chosen each fragrance was for me, not my husband, not for going out or work, but because I liked it and it made me feel special. I wore them for me, not others. What it came down to is that I allowed my illness to control and devalue me to the point that I wasn’t even enough to warrant wearing my perfumes! Lesson learned–now I even wear perfume to bed at night, for me.  It is just a wee thing, but that’s how we conquer our issues, from small to big–one step at a time.

As I said, important, earth-shattering, certain to end war and hunger, news, this ain’t, but if you use your imagination, it will smell heavenly to you too.  Also, how many of you have a lovely perfume that is calling for you but you are waiting for the perfect occasion to use? Today is the only day that we have, so open that bottle and enjoy it, before you lose the opportunity.

  • Child
  • Mariela Burani
  • Jil Sander
  • DKNY-Cashmere Silk
  • Chanel No. 5
  • Prada Infusion D’Iris
  • Aroma M Geisha Blue Rollon
  • In Fiore- Fleur Orange
  • A mixster of Le Labo Neroli 30 and Rose 31

What is your favorite scent? We’d love to know!

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