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How to Find Our Authentic Self

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Lately, I have been talking about finding my authentic voice in the writing context, but it occurs to me that it also applies as I journey inward to discover my true self. It is said that Michelangelo was asked how he created his beautiful statutes and he replied, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”  I find his response beautiful on its own merit and informative for those of us on our own inner quest.

Just as Michelangelo discovered David as he chipped away ‘what was not David,’ so must we “spiritual sculptors” chip away all that inner detritus that is not us, to discover our true authentic selves. Such a task is onerous and time-consuming, and 
“It is one of life’s great paradoxes that the things we don’t want to look at in ourselves are the very things we need to look at in order to know ourselves better and to become more fully who we are. The feelings that make us want to run away are buried treasure full of energy and inspiration if we are willing to look. These feelings come in many forms, from strange images or snippets of information to recurring dreams and feelings that rise up seemingly without a reason. Whatever shape they come in, and no matter how scary they seem, these messengers bring the information we need in order to grow.” http://www.dailyom.com/articles/2010/25741.html
 We ignore them to our peril. Yet, we need not make this journey alone. The Daily Om article provides information on how you might undertake this process and who may be of help on your journey. If you are reading this post, you have already begun your journey to uncover your true self.   

Blessings, Peace & Joy, lydia marie

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