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Gratitude: In Action Not Words

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As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~John F. Kennedy 

We are one week into November and you know what that means–Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching.  Before the day is upon us and we are lost in the hub-bub of travel, family, overeating, etc., I wanted to take this time to remind you that many in this country are truly blessed. 

Thanksgiving Day is a harvest festival celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Thanksgiving is a holiday to express thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation to God, family and friends for which all have been blessed of material possessions and relationships. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thanksgiving. As I’ve gotten older and older, and holidays have become more and more commercialized, I know how easy it is for us to lose sight of the true meaning of the holidays (holy days) that we celebrate. I hope that this post serves two purposes, (1) forces you to consider all of your blessings, and (2) that you give some thought to how you can pay it forward and do whatever you can to express your gratitude to loved ones, friends and most importantly, strangers alike.

Even in the face of numerous health challenges, I have much to be grateful. Yet, when compared to the majority of this earth’s population, I am further humbled. The facts are troubling; “almost half the world — over three billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day.” http://j.mp/dgLxZf. More chilling, 22,000 children around the world die every day. http://j.mp/a1iXra. This is akin to 1 of our children dying every 4 seconds.http://j.mp/a1iXra. Sadly, the biggest culprits leading to their deaths are poverty and hunger. I offer these facts because until recently, I just didn’t know the depth of the problem. Did you? 

In our unbelievably full, frantic, hectic, hurry up lives, the last thing that we need is one more thing to do. Perhaps, you are already doing your part to give thanks for the blessings that you’ve received. If so, thank you. For those who weren’t aware of the problem, you have an opportunity to make a difference–even a small one.  Remember, we believed that our one vote didn’t count, but hopefully, given the recent past, we’ve been disabused of that notion. Similarly, a small contribution may seem equally useless, but that’s where you are so wrong. Alone, that small contribution may seem a pittance, but all those small contributions in tandem, they feed families, build homes, educate children and so much more. 

Giving money is not the only way to help. There are countless ways that each one of us might chose to express his or her gratitude and thanks, and I prefer to leave that decision to you. What matters is that you act, however you choose. With thanks and gratitude, lydia marie 

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