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Gratitude and Forgiveness

As we gather together to offer thanks and gratitude, I believe it a perfect occasion to practice forgiveness as well as gratitude. It is inevitable that we will come face-to-face with an estranged family member or friend. 

Nearly everyone has been hurt by the actions or words of another. Perhaps your mother criticized your parenting skills or your partner had an affair. These wounds can leave you with lasting feelings of anger, bitterness and even vengeance — but if you don’t practice forgiveness, you may be the one who pays most dearly. By embracing forgiveness, you embrace peace, hope, gratitude and joy. http://j.mp/hIcFcL

When I need to forgive, myself or someone else, one of the methods that I turn to is an anonymous prayer that I found some years ago. Here it is:

Forgiveness Prayer
If there is anyone or anything that has hurt me in the past, 
knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive and release it. If I have 
hurt anyone or anything in the past knowingly or unknowingly,
I forgive and release it.
(For the higher good of myself and others.)

If you know of another forgiveness prayer or ritual, please share it with us.
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