My Favorite Childhood Games

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A couple nights ago, I enjoyed a visit with my youngest g’daughter. At 4 1/2, she is at the stage where her constant refrain is, “Want to play with me?”  I was tired and in pain but whether I wanted to or not, I didn’t dare disappoint her. So, I dutifully accepted my assigned role as “Toad,” (For the uninitiated “Toad” is a character from the land of Mario Brothers.) while she is “Toadette.” We laugh and play and before I know it,  the pain has eased and I feel relaxed and contented. As I sat there, I thought back to those days long ago when I was young and carefree and the games that I loved to play.  These are some of my all-time favorite games that I loved to play and things that I loved to do:

  • Jacks
  • Tether Ball
  • Volleyball
  • Hopscotch
  • Swinging (the higher the better), and
  • Blowing Bubbles
Back then, computers were unheard of by most people and a child’s needs were simpler. We spent our “playtime” outside instead of inside in front of a television or computer.  Mario’s brother was likely the kid down the block, and not a game, and toads were a type of frog.  We were physically active and relished the daylight hours, especially the seemingly long summer days. The only reasons to go inside involved potty breaks, food and drink. What about you?  What were your childhood favorites? How did you spend those hot summer days? 

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