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A Step Toward My Querencia?

I am excited.  Today , I am beginning an e-course. For the uninitiated,  a brief explanation follows: The “E”stands for electronic and an e-course is information delivered electronically.  The delivery may be via a video, posted text, or any other form of electronic delivery system on the internet. In essence an e-course is like a seminar or a class, taken out of the class and formulated for the internet.  I have taken a 30 days of yoga, Natural Perfumer, Blogging Your Way, and Alchemy: The Art and Craft of Writing–all e-courses and all on-line. Each of them done in slightly different ways, but all very effective.
The benefits  of the type of e-courses that I take are many.  There is no danger of missing a class.  You can go back, at your leisure, and listen to or read whatever you missed.  Usually, you can download the video or written document for later review.  Class attire is ‘as is.’ There are no time limitations imposed upon you for completing assignments. In many cases, you are free to chose not to submit the assignments. Most importantly,  you take as much or little from the course as you choose.
Today I am beginning an e-course given by Susannah Conway titled “Unravelling #1: Ways of Seeing Myself.” In Ms. Conway’s own words:
The Unravelling e-courses are designed to help you heal the way you see your self and your world, using photography and journalling to access hidden thoughts & dreams and encourage personal realisations, all in the safe space of a like-minded community. As I guide you through this process I’ll be sharing insights and inspiration gleaned from my five-year voyage through grief and healing; when Unravellers come together online a tribe is formed, and the encouragement and fellowship found in these dynamic groups supports each person in their own journey… So if you’re yearning to reconnect with the real you, this is the place to start! http://goo.gl/E8RFu 
As you may recall, the purpose of this blog, of my journey, is to delve within to connect with my inner self,  layer by layer.  It is my hope that this course serves as a step towards finding my querencia. http://goo.gl/gJ7AK. That remains to be seen.
Blessings and love,  lydia

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