A Source of Inspiration

Golden toes

For the last three or four months, my blog posts have been few and far between.  It is not that I didn’t want to blog — I couldn’t.  As I’ve mentioned more than a few times, I have fibromyalgia and over the years, it has affected every aspect of my life, from work (I am on inactive status with the state bar.) and play.  As such, it comes as no surprise that it would eventually affect my blogging.

It seems that the harder I tried, the more difficult it was to muster the energy or inspiration necessary to write.  So, I didn’t. About a week ago, I was cleaning out my long neglected email in boxes when I stumbled upon an email about an upcoming e-course given by Decor8’s Holly Becker’s “Blogging Your Way Boot Camp.”   Blogging Your Way (BYW) is “the first ever online e-course about blogging founded by Holly Becker from decor8 that launched over three years ago (circa March 2009) with a focus on a creative, personal and meaningful approach to blogging that gets results! Blogging Your Way shows you exactly how to use your blog as a catalyst to live your best life…” http://decor8blog.com/ecourses/ Since I’d taken one of Holly’s courses in the past, I knew that it would be a great source of creativity and inspiration.  I registered almost immediately.

The course brings together hundreds of like-mined people from all over the world. The energy and excitement level on the site is palpable.  All the participants are bloggers or bloggers-to-be, and they gather together for the insight and valuable information that BYW offers. One cannot help but be inspired in the company of hundreds of bloggers-both experienced and novices, much like me.  Even though I started my blog about 2 years ago, I am still a beginner. Taking Holly’s courses emphasizes for me all that I have to learn about blogging and how that information can help my blog be all it can be. In this secure community, Holly creates this supportive online environment where everyone can share their experiences and questions without feeling awkward. Having access to hundreds of blogs and bloggers is a creative smorgasbord from which one can use as a spring-board to his or her own ideas that will set their blog apart from the masses.

Holly, a well-known blogger, author, and more, brings her immense expertise to the course. She is open in sharing her significant experiences and do’s and dont’s that she has learned along the way.  Her exuberance about blogging is contagious and one can not help but be inspired by her work, and that of the fellow bloggers that she gathers to teach the course with her.  We are only one week into the course and already, I have been prompted to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress, something that I wanted to do anyway, but was scared to do so. In addition, I have written and published two posts (this will be my third) this the first week of “class.” I am excited to begin the second week of this amazing course.  I recommend this e-course to anybody wishing to create a blog that is visually appealing and substantively interesting. Blogging Your Way helps you to focus your intentions, identify your audience  and create a blog that is yours and authentically you.

Chicken Lust

I am sitting on my bed watching a bevy of chickens as they strut across the lawn of my next door neighbors. The


Chickens (Photo credit: Allie’s.Dad)

first thought that comes to mind when I hear the word “chicken” is my grandfather, my paternal grandfather. He was a character. In addition to the numerous children that he fathered during his life (It was in excess of 20!), he also had chickens. We would go across the river, which from the city of New Orleans was the Mississippi, to visit him and the rest of the family.

The chickens were kept in a coop beside the shot-gun house and you could hear them making their chicken sounds and watch them pecking at feed and one another.  I never had the slightest desire to go near them or harvest their eggs. I was more than comfortable watching them from afar.  Our relationship involved them staying in their place and I in mine.

So, it has come as a surprise to me, that I have entertained the idea of adding chickens to our family. (My husband thinks I am losing my mind.) I know, I know, it’s weird, but you see, I am surrounded by chickens. Day after day, I hear roosters crowing from the neighbors on either side of us. We live in an area in which each household has a fair amount of land (at least an acre); so, it is not uncommon to see or hear lambs, goats, mules, deer, and of course, chickens.  For reasons that I am not altogether sure of, the sight and sound of nature’s animals instills in me a sense of peace and comfort. I think back to the time when families lived close to the earth and the pace of  life was slower.  Nevertheless, I don’t envision chickens in my future, so I’ll have to live vicariously through my neighbors. Wait, there they go running past my window. I have to go to revel in my daily dose of “chicken” peace.