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I Dared

Lydia's Dare III

Lydia’s Dare III

I’ve always wanted to be a creative, an artist. I don’t mean that I ever wanted to make a living as an artist. I simply longed to explore my “alleged” creative side. Until recently, I simply accepted that there are creatives, and then there was me. So with that in mind, I surprised myself when I registered for the e-course “Daring Adventures in Paint & Life.”  The course is taught by artist and author Mati Rose. As the course description explains, the “e-course is not just about painting, it’s about being daring in art & life! What you do on the canvas mirrors the bold steps you take in your life! This course is for anyone who wants to strengthen their creative muscles, be inspired on a daily basis, and step into their own brilliance and find their magic.” How could I pass up such an opportunity to mine the depths of my inner self as a way to unearth my hidden stores of creativity and magic? I am pleased to report that just two weeks into the 6 week adventure and I know that I choose wisely. The painting above is one of the three that I’ve already created.

At first, it was difficult to get past the white canvas because my thinking mind got in the way. At first, I was more than a little tentative. I mean, I’d never painted before and was unsure of myself.  With much support from Mati Rose and the enthusisam and inspiration from the Facebook group,I dare myself to let go of my fears and the paint brush fly. I know that there will be more for me to share with you. I won’t let the fear keep me from painting.  Whatever fear is keeping you from, do it anyway. Know that the risk will be more than worth it.

Blessings, Lydia

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