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Still On A Daring Adventure


Recently, I took an e-course, Daring Adventures in Paint and Life, given by the artist, Mati Rose McDonough. Although I’ve always had an interest in painting, before taking the class, I’d never acted on it. I believed that I was not creative enough to create art, to paint. I regret to say that the class has ended, but I am happy to report that the painting has not. The above painting is my most recent piece.

I’ve come to enjoy the process that goes into creating a piece of art, from my choice of colors, to the techniques and tools that I choose for the painting. Most importantly, however, I’ve discovered a joy and happiness that I desperately needed. Taking the painting e-course has morphed into one of the best gifts that I’ve given myself in years. Doing so, honored an inner desire that until then, went unheeded. The lesson that I’ve taken from the experience is that it is crucial to acknowledge those unmet needs, as they represent welcome detours on my journey. My life is far richer for those experiences.

How about you? Are there any unmet desires that you’ve ignored? What are they? What is keeping you from responding to them? Is there any time like the present?

If need be, take it one step at a time. The first step is to express your intention to act upon the desire. I find that writing the intention simply and clearly in my journal adds a level of commitment. Next, decide how you will go about achieving the desire. Do your research, so that you are armed with your various options. Do not dismiss the magic of fate, and the present moment. (In my case, until a woman from whom I’d taken an earlier e-course, posted a Facebook recommendation, I knew nothing about Mati and her e-course. I immediately went to the enclosed link, and acting on the urgings from my heart, I registered for the course. In all, it took less than five minutes to accept the challenge. I was surprised by my rashness, as well as excited about the new upcoming adventure.) The final step is the most important one. Chose the option that speaks to you and just do it! I promise you will not regret the decision.

Blessings, Lydia

4 thoughts on “Still On A Daring Adventure

  1. Hi Lydia, I just clicked over from the Blogging from the Heart Facebook group. I’m totally inspired by your blog and the whole concept of ‘querencia’. What amazing, powerful stuff! Love the artwork, too! Kate Xx


    • Dear Kate,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. If I can inspire just one person with this blog it makes me happy. As for the word “querencia,” I was drawn to it the very first time that I saw the word. It is a beautiful word with lovely connotations. Although I know that it is a mouthful, I had to use if for my blog. Nothing else would do. I appreciate you for taking the time to read and comment on my post. It is greatly appreciated. Also, thank you for the compliment on my painting. It brought a smile to my face. Blessings, lydia


    • Dear Shelly, Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my post. Usually, I am so much in my head that I often forget to listen to my heart, which is where our true selves reside. I appreciate you and look forward to my visits to your blog and I feel honored that you take the time to visit me here. Blessings to you. See you soon. xoxo, Lydia


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