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Seeking Tranquility

Seeking Tranquility
Today, as the saying goes, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It is dreary and cold outside (I understand that it is all relative compared to the weather that some are experiencing, and I am being a whiny baby.), and I loathe cold weather. Largely, my dislike of cold weather is exacerbated by the fact that it worsens my fibromyalgia and as a result, my pain level is quite high. All of my actions seem forced and melancholy is my predominant state of mind. As a result, I wanted to create a collage that, for me, represents tranquility. The blue/turquoise colors, candle, flowers, statute of the Buddha, and water fountain add to my sense of tranquility. Perhaps it will help, and perhaps it won’t, but at least, I am doing my best to deal, and that will have to suffice for today. I hope that you are safe, happy and warm wherever you may be.

Blessings, Lydia

All Will Be Well, ~ St. Julian of Norwich

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