Week 17, The 52 Project


The duo. 4.27.14

We are in week 17 of The 52 Project, over ¼ of the way through the year. Today, I have a picture of my g’son, B., accompanied by his devoted dad. He is having such fun. Hear him roar!


Spring Blooms

Spring colors are everywhere and they provide me the perfect opportunity to practice my very rudimentary camera skills. The thing is that although the shots are unlike those of one with photographic acumen, I am delighted with them. I managed to do what I set out to do–capture some of the beautiful Spring colors that surround us. In doing that, I remained mindful and in the present moment. In these days of go, go, go, that is a triumph in and of itself.



Texas hardy sunflowers. 4.27.14


Texas Sunflowers II. 4.27.14


Sweet smelling chamomile. 4.27.14


Sweet smelling chamomile II. 4.27.14


D. sitting among Texas bluebonnets. 4.27.14