Creative Writing Saturday

Hearts (Explored!)

Hearts (Explored!) (Photo credit: qthomasbower)

I hope you wake with a gasp, a thousand flutters in your heart

Not from the whirlpool of worry. Not from a bad dream.
Not from a deadline or a string of demands, or the great to-do
of the still-to-be-done. Not from the lopsided weight of futility and failure
or some wayward mutiny shaking your bones. Not from the loss
of letting go or the grief of giving in. Not from the illusions of your metaphorical
imprisonment or escape. Not from grass-is-greener or anywhere-but-here.
I hope, instead, you rise from the tremble of something finding its edges,
earthquaking its way into being. That riotous pulsing of birth, and the cry that comes
just after, the lungs taking in their first overwhelmed breaths. That same lucid
sweetness of entry and release. The song of your life being sung. ~ Maya Stein


Day 2, The August Break 2014


Day Two, The August Break 2014

The August Break, 2014 is the brain child of one of my favorite bloggers, writers and teachers, Susannah Conway. As she states, “the idea is to simply take a photograph every day for the whole month of August.” The point is to be mindful. Since I intend to learn photography if it kills me, I am joining the challenge both as a mindfulness challenge and an opportunity to practice the art of photography. The rules to the “break” are loose, so no one is wedded to posting their photos at all or every day. As a result, I’m in.