When Spirituality Feels Lonely

Great post! Owning your darkness is so crucial to understanding and moving through it. I find that it takes me courage to accept the vulnerability that comes with it. Your words remind us of this. Blessings and Namasté, Lydia


What a blessings to be close to and love a person that you’ve known her entire life. Your sister sounds like a compassionate and inspirational person. It goes to show that age does not always indicate the degree of wisdom. Please wish her a belated happy birthday for me. Blessings to you both, Lydia

Cynthia Reyes

Today is my younger sister’s birthday, and these flowers are for her.


Blog Photo - Flowers for Sister Yellow Lily

I was the older sister, and for most of our lives, the more accomplished. She looked up to me, as I looked up to our older sisters.

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But for some time now, I’ve been the one who’s looked up to her.

My little sister has quietly become one of my heroes.

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She’s overcome many painful challenges.

Her marriage dissolved.

She went back to school while the children were still young. Went back to earn new qualifications that would pay the bills.

She raised her three sons, mostly on her own. Three beautiful young men.

Today she’s also a loving grandmother of two.

Blog Photo - flowers for Sister Yellows 1My sister’s faith and optimism are a joy to behold.

I’ve leaned on that strong faith in recent years. Hers and my other siblings’.

Through frequent phone calls from the U. S., where she lives…

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