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Surrendering To My Creativity

In this post, I confessed that I’ve always longed to draw, paint, and in general, be creative, Sadly, I’d convinced myself that I couldn’t do so. Last year, after decades of saying “I can’t,” I overcame my fear. I jumped in with both feet, and first, began drawing lessons through e-courses and followed those with painting classes from many talented artists.

In less than a year and a half, my growth astounds me. Currently, I am taking “Bloom True,” taught by the acclaimed artist Flora Bowley. (This is the second time that I’m taking the course and you can read about the course and my first experience here.) Flora teaches all over the world, gives e-courses, is an author and accomplished business woman. Her style is intuitive painting, but the class offers so much more about surrendering to the process and following your heart. These pieces are my heart’s expression and my soul’s song. They ignite my passion

Listen carefully–what is your heart calling you to do? What are you passionate about? Be it writing, singing, or surfing–the possibilities are endless. Just answer the call, and embrace your “uniquely you” gift. There is only one you and the world is waiting for you.

Bloom True, 2nd Canvas, by LKW

Bloom True, 2nd Canvas, by LKW

Bloom True, 2nd Canvas, Section 1

Bloom True, 2nd Canvas, Section 1 by LKW

Bloom True, 2nd Canvas, Section 2 by LKW

Bloom True, 2nd Canvas, Section 2 by LKW

Bloom True, 2nd Canvas, Section 3 by LKW

Bloom True, 2nd Canvas, Section 3 by LKW

Thank you for allowing me to share them with you.


4 thoughts on “Surrendering To My Creativity

  1. It may be a truism but we really don’t know what we’re capable of unless and until we try and you, Lydia, have tried and succeeded wonderfully.
    I’m impressed by the daring in these works and how dynamic and alive they are. Well done!
    Bless You!


    • Dear John, Your words are always kind and uplifting. In this case, they mean the world to me. I know that I have a great deal to learn but I am doing it with my heart and not my head. I am honored to read about the feelings that the piece evoked in you. I am blessed to know you. Blessings, lydia

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