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Thursday Thoughts From Daily Om

Actively Participating: Showing Up for Life

If you show up for yourself in your life, the universe will show up for you.

The way we walk into a room says a lot about the way we live our lives. When we walk into a room curious about what’s happening, willing to engage, and perceiving ourselves as an active participant with something to offer, then we have really shown up to the party. When we walk into a room with our eyes down, or nervously smiling, we are holding ourselves back for one reason or another. We may be hurting inside and in need of healing, or we may lack the confidence required to really be present in the room. Still, just noticing that we’re not really showing up, and having a vision of what it will look and feel like when we do, can give us the inspiration we need to recover ourselves.

Even if we are suffering, we can show up to that experience ready to fully engage in it and learn what it has to offer. When we show up for our life, we are actively participating in being a happy person, achieving our goals, and generally living the life our soul really wants. If we need healing, we begin the process of seeking out those who can help us heal. If we need experience, we find the places and opportunities that can give us the experience we need in order to do the work we want to do in the world. Whatever we need, we look for it, and when we find it, we engage in the process of letting ourselves have it. When we do this kind of work, we become lively, confident, and passionate individuals.

There is almost nothing better in the world than the feeling of showing up for our own lives. When we can do this, we become people that are more alive and who have the ability to make things happen in our lives and the lives of the people around us. We walk through the world with the knowledge that we have a lot to offer and the desire to share it.”
~ Madisyn Taylor, Daily Om

divider3At one time or another, life throws us a curve ball, and instead of opening up, we shut down, and raise our defenses. We exist, but we don’t live our lives. And, subsisting is not living. Living is showing up for the fight, even though we may get our asses handed to us on a platter.

Granted, showing up is easier said than done, when in the midst of life struggles. I know this for a fact, because I am in the midst of what could be a life-altering situation. Honestly, every morning, I’d like nothing more than to stay in bed and allow the day to go by until night falls and it’s time to sleep (fitfully, I might add). Yet, every morning, I pray for guidance and strength, remind myself that all is as it should be, and set the intention to GET UP and show up. My mantra is “All Will Be Well.” Even though, I don’t feel like it, I take pleasure in knowing that I conquered complacency. I will not give up. I will keep showing up here to embrace the positive vibes that I enjoy from my interactions with y’all, and more importantly, await my date with the Universe.




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