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The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angel Meditation: An Invitation to Love

Though your host of spirit guides encompasses many diverse beings, all of which willingly watch over you, meditating with angels can be a uniquely insightful experience. The angels stationed at your side are both powerful and knowledgeable—they possess a limitless understanding of your needs and desires, your strengths and weaknesses, and your purpose. However, angels take an active part in our lives only when invited to do so. Meditation allows you to make contact with your angels and lovingly request that they participate actively in your day-to-day life.

To begin, retreat to a solitary place where you won’t be distracted by concerns. Incense and candlelight may aid you in achieving a meditative state but are not necessary. However, laying an image of an angel, angel statue, or item symbolizing your angels before you can focus your thoughts. Sit comfortably, breathe deeply, and let yourself relax. When you feel peaceful, invite your angels from the highest of light to sit with you as you meditate. Mentally repeat your request and reiterate that this time together is important to you. Then, in your mind’s eye, visualize a bright-white light floating above you. As you breathe, draw this light first into the crown of your head and then into the whole of your physical self. Allow this light to spread through your arms and hands, your core, and your lower body. Repeat this integration of illumination with a violet light.

Once again, ask your angels to be with you. Let the stillness surrounding you enter your soul, and open your heart to your angel guides. If they wish to communicate a message, they will do so now. Allow them to wrap their wings around you and infuse you with their bountiful love. Breathe them in as you did the light. As the meditation draws to a close, you may feel a presence, fluttering wings, or billowing fabric, or you may see an angel in your mind’s eye. Thank them for providing you with love and light, and being with you as you meditated. If you don’t sense or feel anything, there is no cause for worry—you can be certain your angels are with you. Don’t be surprised if you start to see signs throughout the day that your angels are near, perhaps a feather at your doorstep. As you practice this meditation, you will become increasingly adept at recognizing when your angels are near and sensing their presence. ~ Madyson Taylor, Daily Om

divider4While this topic might be woo-woo to some (I respect that.), it is second nature to me. The angelic form has been a subject of art for thousands of years. From as far back as I can remember, I believed in angels and saints. I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana in the Catholic faith and it was a mainstay in the lives of most people. Saints and angels are a part of those beliefs. As children, we were taught that angels were beings who surrounded us with light and love. They also protected us, and where I grew up, that offered me a measure of physical, emotional and mental safety that my surroundings never provided. After 50 years, I can still remember the song that I sang to myself, if I was frightened:

Angel of God, my guardian dear,
To Whom God’s love entrusts me here.
Ever this day, be at my side
To light and guard, to rule and guide.

As I grew older, and began to question various areas of my faith, my belief in angels and saints, never wavered. For reasons that I won’t bore you with, I firmly believe that they are the reason that I am still alive. Who wouldn’t feel gratitude in knowing that there are beings out there who want nothing from you, but to love, comfort, look over and protect you? All that you have to do is ask. Life is so damned scary and complicated at times, and the senseless horrors seem never-ending. If believing in God, saints, angels and the otherworldly provides some sense of peace and order, who can argue against it?