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Creative Writing Saturday

The Angel of the North with a perfect blue sky...

The Angel of the North with a perfect blue sky behind It. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A More Perfect Sky

Everyone has a favorite sky.
Most love their skies
Pristine blue.
Many prefer
That endless sapphire ocean
Which they scud across on schooners
Woven of dreams
And the whitest of clouds.

Slightly fewer prefer their sky
To be blacker than ink,
So that they may wrap around them
A blanket of stars.
There are several
That feel safest
In pajamas of moonlight,
With a comet
Purring contentedly
At their shoulder.

And though I may enjoy both skies,
I truly love neither.
For I was born
In a city of drought,
Where rain is more cherished
Than the warmest of sunshine.
I was born
In a place
Where rain
Is the bringer of life,
The promise of yellowed gardens
To grow green once more,
For the lakes to be filled
And for the ground
To be cracked no longer.

And so my loved sky
Is one
Spun of deep grey cotton.
My favored sky
Has droplets of water
Spilling out
Like a king’s wealth of diamonds.
I love the sky
To crackle with bright threads of lightning
And rumble with the music
Of a thousand drums.

And when my more perfect sky is present,
I will walk through the world
Wrapped in a silver cloak of clouds.
I will battle my demons
With armor of a hundred sparkling droplets,
A sword of white-hot lightning,
And a horse of earth shaking thunder.

And as soon as I learn how,
I will pour my perfect sky into paper
And be made anew. ~ Alanna Moore


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