Creative Writing Saturday


Falling Asleep To The Sound of Rain

It has been raining all day and I’ve slept for most of it. Before I head back to bed, I thought that I’d post this poem–so appropriate for the day.

Rainy Days Are Sleepy Days

Rainy day, all curled up in bed.
So warm, soft, comfy.
The world is quiet, sometimes silent.
Stopped almost by magic.
The rhythmic sound of rain.
Soothes the mind.
No need to think, to compute.
Just listen, close your eyes.
And the patterns become clear.
Seemingly random yet in a beautiful symphony.
Harmony that can only be understood not thinking.
Just hearing and knowing the renewal,
The refreshing, the cleansing of the world beyond.

Close your eyes,
Breathe in the cool scent of rain.
Hear the lullaby of nature.
Close your eyes,
Understand the melody.
Not thinking but knowing.
And so you sleep….  ~ David Tan