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Creative Writing Saturday

The gift of tolerance

Please hear us I pray….

Tolerance, this word is not used in the bible
The closest I can find is to be non judgemental
To accept those that are of a different faith
A different skin colour, those that love their own kind
So why so much fighting……

Tolerance, to tolerate the bigots
That advise and command you,
You that live in the real world, they left behind
This is the gift I would bestow.

Please hear us I pray….

Tolerance is advocated in the Koran
So why isn’t this being upheld I ask the leaders of the mosque
Where is your tolerance to other faiths
I suggest you re-read your holy book

I beg you go hear us in prayer….

Hindus never claim that they are the ‘chosen people’.
They are brought up to accept others faiths
To tolerate the beliefs not defile them
To live in peace in their own way.
So why so many wars….

Lord hear my prayer. To bestow on everybody the gift of tolerance. ~ Seren Roberts


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