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The Newest Member Of The Family

Forgive me for being quiet for a while. One of my daughters was having a baby and I spent quite a while in California helping out with my 2 and 5-year old grandsons before and after the birth of my granddaughter. For someone accustomed to peace and quiet, it was like a non-stop visit to one of those places for kids with a constant cacophony of  bells, whistles and children’s laughter. I loved my time with them but if I wasn’t too tired, I had no time to post.

Anyway,  I am back in Texas and recuperating,  but I thought that I’d introduce you to the “Belle” of the ball.  Meet Mia “Belle:”



I am sure that you will agree that my time away was well worth it.

Please indulge me while I get back up to speed.



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