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A Monday Thought

Made by Lydia Kimble-Wright with Over

What do you really want to do in this your one life? I mean, that one calling that you’ve stuffed deep down inside, because it seems too impractical, a pipe dream, or impossible. The thing that you’ve been told or you’ve come to believe that you are not.

How many of us become excited at the thought of being a writer, a dancer, a painter, an architect, a doctor, or any number of occupations or callings? We think of it with longing and wistfulness, because we are too afraid or believe that we simply are enough. Is that true?

We have no way of knowing, because we haven’t tried. As the quote reminds us, “you have to do the verb, in order to be the noun.” We must learn to dance in order to be a dancer, paint in order to be a painter, study architecture in order to be an architect, and study medicine in order to be a doctor. You get the point. In this case, the “doing” is necessary for us to “be” the thing that is in our heart. It is as simple as that, because there are no shortcuts, and it takes courage and practice.

So, the question is: who do you wish to be? Once you’ve answered that all important question, take the necessary steps to make it happen. It won’t happen over night, but in time, it will surely happen. What are you waiting for to begin the life of your dreams?

One thought on “A Monday Thought

  1. Ah Lydia, I so loved this. We must genuinely and authentically listen to our “true” essence, hear our own yearning, feel our own calling and desires and then no matter what our physical says, thinks or feels, we must follow what it is “WE” actually want … even in taking that first step. Just loved this. ❤ Kimberly


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