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Words of Wisdom Everywhere

You have probably noticed that I have a thing for quotes. I stumble across them everywhere, anywhere. Books, magazines, the internet, the spoken word or more, I cannot escape me.

In my mind, a quote is not simply attributable to famous or notable figures. The best quotes are those that cause you to stop what you are reading and ponder them. They speak to you. You connect with them, in some cases, for obvious reasons, and in others, for some inexplicable one. It returns to you again and again.

I happened upon this quote while reading a fiction book, “The Taking,” by the writer Dean Koontz. Fiction or no, it struck me as a reminder of both how to live our lives, and how not to do so. I hope that it holds a life lesson for you, too.

“The dance of life occurred not yesterday or tomorrow, but only here at the still point that was the present. This truth is simple, self-evident, but difficult to accept, for we sentimentalize the past and wallow in it, while we endure the moment and in every waking hour dream of the future.”

During this pandemic, Please keep you and your loved ones and family safe.

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