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Wednesday’s Words

Made by Lydia Kimble-Wright with Over

13 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Words

  1. I just used a lot of commas – I am truly a comma addict LOL – it usually means I’ve been staring at “type” for too long and that it’s time to rest my weary eyes, mind and chatter. Though I thought I’d share that with you before I signed off LOL. I’ve been listening to the most beautiful mantra/chant since waking this morning and it’s now 13 hours later (posted on my site with a little blurb that describes the mantra). I normally don’t do mantras or chants but this one stuck with me and apparently it stuck with me so much so that I’ve not left the computer as it played over and over again all day. OH MY! Maybe instead of my love for the comma – it’s time for me to go show myself a little self love (e.g. REST) LOL. Goodnight sweer Lydia.


    • OMG!!! No worries here, because I love commas, too!! Bring them on!

      I also like mantras. I often meditate to them, although “Om” is my favorite for that purpose. I am on my way to your blog, because I can’t wait to see which mantra you’ve been listening to. Based on my reaction to your recent comments, ai wont be surprised if it is one that I already like. Nevertheless, I am always looking for something new. Thank you for being, Blessings and Namasté, Lydia

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      • You’re a comma person too?!!!! OH MY, I’ve never met another comma person before – I am no longer alone in my comma kingdom! 😁🥰💖😄

        This was the other I was listening to today and since you said “OM” I thought I’d share it with you. I have absolutely no idea what drew me to Hindu Sanskrit videos, songs or mantras over the past 2 days. During this now 63 days in quarantine I’ve had a native american wooden flute delivered, a buffalo drum and I already have a small sized djembe drum (none of which I actually know how to play, I just “play” lol – the flute’s hard, I practice each morning and the djembe drum kicked my tooshie earlier today when I tried to play along with the song on the post I posted today – but I try lol). AND, (yes there’s more hehe) I’ve been playing with my 1 little singing bowls and 1 large one, maracas and tambourine LOL. Quarantining with Kimba? Last week I was listening to ancient Australian aboriginal lullabies in a language that no longer exists in Australia. I couldn’t stop listening to that one either! I link you to both. The first will be the Om Guru from today (not the one on my post – that one’s stuck in my head for the rest of the day, hopefully not tomorrow, I think I’ve driven my neighbors a bit crazy playing it over and over again today. And once I give you both links I am REALLY signing off – I can’t break my vow! LOL 💖💖💖 I hope you liked the mantra and description of it on my site. Depending on where you are on our world, have an abundantly blessed day or night. xoxo Kimberly (links below).

        Hindu Sanskrit:


        Ancient Australian Aboriginal Lullaby:

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      • BTW: I can’t wait to listen to this version. I am very familiar with “Ong namo guru dev namo.” I think that both call you the spirit guide within us.♥️

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