Sunday Scribblings

Yay! This is my 201st blog post–so significant for me. I created this personal blog as a forum for writing, and sharing my thoughts, observations and feelings, as I journey to discover my true self. It serves its’ purpose.

I am new to the blog  “Sunday Scribblings.” (I am here because Susannah Conway recommended  it to us in her “Blogging From The Heart” e-course.) The prompt serves as “inspiration and motivation for anyone who enjoys writing and would like a weekly challenge.” It is directed to seasoned  writers and those, like me, who wish to write.

Each week, they post a one(?) word prompt, which the participants must use  in a story, poem or the like.  I am desperately seeking to hone my writing skills, as well as to unearth my buried creativity. With that in mind, I’ve penned my second, first here, ever haiku using the prompt “luscious.” Here goes:

The Kiss

his lips tantalize.
so full. so pink. come hither.
joined. hmm. luscious.

Blessings, Lydia