Week 20, The 52 Project


When She Smiles…. 5.18.14

Late though it may be, today is Week 20 of The 52 Project, and today, I have a photo of my beautiful, curly-haired g’daughter, D. “Happy” should be her middle name, as she is a ray of sunshine who lights up a room with her presence. After a long day, this photo was taken as she played with a friend’s dog. She adores animals, which comes as no surprise since she and her Mom and Dad have a dog, two cats, a frog, fish and three horses–quite a menagerie.


Week 18, The 52 Project


A stop at the beach.

This is week 18 of The 52 Project. This week, I present my g’daughter D., snaggled-tooth smile and all. She and her Daddy take a dip in the Gulf of Mexico on their long drive to Florida. She is like a fish and loves to swim, so she is definitely in her element.


Week 16, The 52 Project


D. on Easter Sunday, lkw

Happy Easter to everyone. Today begins week 16 of The 52 Project. I am posting a shot of D., my seven-year-old grand-daughter. Unfortunately, she is the only one of my 6 ¾ grandchildren who was able to spend Easter with us, but fun was had by all. In between the cooking, Easter egg hunts, eating, and other excitement, I coaxed her to sit among a patch of Texas blue bonnets. Of course, she insisted that her new stuffed animal be included in the photograph. I think that both of them are little cuties. (Now, if I had any Photoshop skills, I am certain that I could have gotten rid of the car in the top right background, but alas, lacking that skill, the car stays.)


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Week 15, The 52 Project


Here we are in Week 15 of The 52 Project. Although it has yet to advance my photography skills as much as I’d hoped, it is fun to see the photos of my beautiful loves and those of others involved in the project. This week, I have a photograph of my g’son, B. There is little more to say about this photo then, he is having a ball (pun intended).