Week 44, The 52 Project

Mother and Daughter in Costume

Mother and Daughter in Costume

It can’t believe that there are only eight weeks left in 2014 and The 52 Project. It seems as though I began this project yesterday. My intention for joining the project was to force myself to take more photos of my g’children and to improve my photo-taking skills. As is often the case, things didn’t happen as intended. With my g’children so scattered, on many occasions, I had to rely on photos taken by their parents. In any case, I have amassed almost one year of documented weekly photos of most of my little loves.

Anyway, this week, I bring to you a photo from our most recent holiday, Halloween. Both my daughter, B., and g’daughter, D., love the holiday. They begin preparing their costumes months before Halloween. In this photo, they are showing off their costumes before beginning the fun of trick or treating. As you can see, mother and daughter are quite happy that the day as arrived to début their carefully chosen costumes.


Week 32, The 52 Project


The Eyes, LKW 8/14

It’s in the eyes. This is week 32 of The 52 Project. The photograph that I choose this week, is one of my g’daughter, D. She and I were on a picnic where we laughed, talked and simply spent quality time. I took this shot as she turned away to look at by passers. Shakespeare, among others, is reported to have said that the “eyes are the window to the soul.” D’s eyes exemplify this adage. Looking into them, mesmerizes and draws you in and exposes a beautiful, compassionate soul.


The 52 Project


J.A. and B., LKW

This is week 27 of The 52 Project. For the past two weeks, I was swamped with preparing for my almost one month trip to California, and neglected to post any photos. My oldest daughter was about to have her second son and I was going to help out. After a little over a week of anticipation, J. A. has arrived. Both mother and son are fine.

The above photograph depicts the two brothers checking one another out. By all appearances, B., after three years of undivided attention from his parents, is taking his new role as a big brother, very seriously. It is a joy to watch him interact with and welcome his baby brother to the family.


Week 22, The 52 Project



The Little Picasso

I began this project intent on not missing a week. Unfortunately, illness and family obligations overwhelmed me to the point that I totally forgot last week’s photo. As they say, it’s not the falling but the getting up that is important, so I am back with a photo for Week 22 of The 52 Project.

This week, I have a photo of one of my little Picassos. This is my g’son, B., and he loves to paint. He has all the painting accoutrements, and I am especially pleased because I bought them for him as a birthday present, and it is heartening to see them bring him so much joy. Since he received them, he’s become a pint-sized artist. My wish for him is that as he grows older, he maintains his child-like curiosity.