Calling All Painters And Would Be Painters!

Lisa's Painterly Hand

Lisa’s Painterly Hand (Photo credit: lisart1)

Please note that instead of reinventing the wheel, I’ve made some changes to an earlier post announcing the open registration for the “Bloom True” e-course. Another class begins October 13, 2014, and if you have any interest in painting or learning to paint, I cannot urge you strongly enough to take this class. After reading this post, check out the link to an earlier post wherein I reviewed the course more indepth.  


Have you ever thought of being an artist and expressing or discovering your creativity? How about learning to paint? I did. In 2012, I decided to stop procrastinating, and signed up for my first drawing and painting e-courses. Doing so was a huge step on my journey, and has become a dream come true, and a burgeoning passion. I discussed it in-depth in this earlier post. In that post, I also reviewed one painting course in particular, Flora Bowley’s e-course “Bloom True.” I am here to tell you that the course was both life-changing and a blessing for me.

I am excited to tell you that her next “Bloom True” e-course begins October 13, 2014. Registration is ongoing and the class fills up quickly, so if you are interested in taking the course and losing yourself in color and meeting your true self, click on the “Bloom True” badge on the lower right sidebar of my blog page. Click on the link and it will take you directly to the course page where you can get additional information, register, and prepare for an incredible experience. I promise that it will be one of the best gifts that you’ve ever given yourself. You will not regret it. In fact, I am seriously considering re-taking the course. The experience was just that powerful.

The course is equally relevant for those with all levels of experience; so even if you’ve never picked up a paint brush, are an established artist, or are well on your way to becoming one, the class is for you! Just do it for yourself. It’s worth it.


Let’s write a letter.

Once I got a love letter

Once I got a love letter (Photo credit: Pimthida)

When was the last time you received a letter? No, I am not talking about any document generated with the aid of a computer or typewriter (they still make them don’t they?). I am referring to an honest to God letter penned by someone’s hand. I am talking about a letter someone who thought of you, took the time from their busy schedules, pulled out pen and paper and hand wrote you a letter. Before the age of computers, letter writing was our means of saying I’m thinking of you, I am worried about you, you mean so much to me or I love you. I don’t know about you, but going to the mailbox and finding a handwritten envelope with my name on it created excitement and anticipation. Well, I give you the perfect opportunity to elicit similar feelings in someone you love and care about.

As an initial matter, it is not my idea. I was reading one of my go-to by Flora Bowley, an amazing artist, teacher and author. The post was about a project she created and in which she herself is participating. The project is “A Heart to Hand: A Love Letter Project.” It began December 1st, so as usual, I am late to the game. Nevertheless, needn’t matter. The purpose of the project is “

“all about letter writing which also happens to be all about slowing down, mindfulness and gratitude.  So, for each day of December, I will write a hand-written letter to someone I love.  I have no list of people in mind to receive these letters.  Instead, I plan to sit down everyday, meditate for a few minutes and allow someone I love to float into my heart and mind. “

It is all about making the recipient feel special knowing you took the time to write more than a card or email to them in this age of immediacy and computers. It is about showing gratitude and saying thank you while you have the chance. It about slowing down, making a cup of tea or coffee, lighting a candle and making it a sacred act of being in the moment. It is about choosing the way is right for you to meet the objective — a letter pouring out your heart to someone in your life to whom you have something special to say. We think we have all the time in the world, but all too often, unexpected events harshly remind us ‘later’ may never come, and even the best of intentions are subject to chance. We are only promised this moment, so let’s make something of it.

As Flora points out, “Whether it’s a month of letters or just a few, let’s all take some time to sit down, slow down and express our love and gratitude to the people who mean the most to us.” So grab your favorite pen and paper and just do it. Whose face floats into your mind?

For more information on the project go here.

Blessings, Lydia