10 Things That You Don’t Know About Me.

English: A pile of plain M&M's candies.

English: A pile of plain M&M’s candies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the course of blogging, I share tidbits of  “me” information with you. Yet, there are things about me that even I find strange and cannot explain. Here are the top 10 things that you don’t know about me:

  1. I cannot eat pudding–it’s a consistency thing.
  2. I never eat the red and blue M&M’s. (When I was a child, there was an outcry about the red food coloring.) I’ve never been able to eat them; however, I have no explanation for not eating the blue M&M’s.
  3. My confirmation name is “Rosalyn.” (To this day, I have no idea where  my 12 year old self got the name.)
  4. My favorite scented candle is Lavender made by Red Flower World.
  5. I have ten pairs of boots. (I can’t help. I love them.)
  6. I study Natural Perfumery with Anya McCoy.
  7. I own over 600 books.
  8. I love  slightly frozen, grape flavored KoolAid Jammers.
  9. I detest having my photograph taken.
  10. I have two favorite scents: orange flower blossoms and tuberose.