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Opening Up

I think that in all fairness, it is important that I get some things out of the way. I rarely disclose this to anyone but I think that each person who takes his or her time to sign up for this blog, deserves to know this up front. I have health issues that make it impossible for me to spend long periods of time typing on the computer. When I throw caution to the wind, I add to my pain level and suffer through it for days at a time. Some things are worth the pain, but I have made an intention to stop ignoring messages that my body is trying to send. Anyway, I am researching other ways that might allow me to spend more time on my computer without adding to my pain. Until then, it is unlikely that I can post every day. Please understand that this does not indicate a lack of desire or dedication to this blog. I have no shortage of either and am determined to see it succeed. Blessings to all.
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