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Your Path Is Your Own

Magic PathImage by cindy47452 via Flickr

We should never try to follow another’s path for that is his way, not yours. Where the path is found, you have nothing to do but fold your arms and the tide will carry you to freedom. Therefore when you find it, never swerve from it. Your way is the best for you, but that is no sign it is the best for another. ~Swami Vivekananda

 Ever find yourself feeling lonely, groundless, frustrated and directionless? Inevitably, you look around and see someone who appears to be your exact opposite: calm, self-assured, and confident of his or her place in the world. STOP. Don’t even go there! Their path is not yours and will undoubtedly lead you astray. Each of us has our own path to follow and yours is as unique to you as your DNA. Stop your minds frenetic searching and practice clam refection. Eventually, your path will become apparent to you. Forge your own path and let others follow you. Blessings.

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