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Quote Tuesday

I know that I said that I wanted the Tuesday quote to stand on its own–at least I didn’t say “read my lips.” It’s just that there are a couple of things that I’d like to say. Due to health issues, I’ve been away from the blog for the past week.  I truly missed it. I intended the blog, as an outlet for me to let go of some of the constant thoughts in my head, and it has become that and more. I sincerely pray that 2011 finds me able to blog more consistently. Moving on…

This quote is dedicated to a dear friend whose birthday was December 13th.  She means the world to me and to the world, she is one of it shining lights. I love you D.

We Are Friends For Life

When we’re together the years fall away.

Isn’t that what matters?

To have someone who can remember  with you?

To have someone who remembers

How far you’ve come?

~Judy Blume

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