“There are moments in life that define us and determine the degree to which we are willing to allow the vital essence of our being to dictate the direction of our path. It can even feel like life is spent waiting for these pivotal moments that lead us down the road to discovery. The connection that we awaken to may be the inner world of our own beauty, the love of a lifetime or the freedom of a realisation to change your life’s course. Some connections are so deep that they take you by surprise. You do not see it coming and suddenly you feel your heart opening, your body relaxing and your mind filled with joy. One day we wake up and realize that everything has to change, our job, our house, our career, everything. It is not always the things you feel immediately attracted to who find their way into your soul. Sometimes you realize that a hobby is actually your life’s work. Or a long-term friend suddenly reveal themselves to you in a smile or a glance so that you see the true depth of your connection. These small moments can be the disarmingly powerful epiphany moments that take us into the arms of our destiny. Once encountered, it is something that we cannot walk from no matter how hard we try.” ~Kino Mac Gregor

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