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Refuse Permission

“Negative emotions need our permission before they enter into our hearts. Bar their entry. Why let trouble into your heart, given that all it can do is evict that more legitimate resident, joy? Similarly, no one can force you to be unhappy, you always have the right of refusal.”
 ~1001 Ways to Live in the Moment by Barbara Ann Kipfer

3 thoughts on “Refuse Permission

  1. Lydia! It's so nice to meet you as well. I am so happy that you came to visit my blog. The class BYW was so great wasn't it? My husband brought Holly's new book home to me last night…so, it kind of feels like the class is continuing. I would love to connect with you as well. I think we have some similar things in common. I love all of the quotes on your blog…really nice. I look forward to getting to know and learn from you as well. Have a gerat day Lydia…


  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! It is nice to connect with another BYW class member outside of the class. I have been meaning to order my book but one thing after another has come up, but now you've given me extra incentive to do so. Take care and it is a pleasure meeting you. Regards,


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