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Introducing: The Desha Show

This post was lost in the haze of my fibro fog. I was supposed to post it weeks ago, but as with most other things during the last two weeks or so, it just didn’t happened. In any event, here it is, and as I often say, better late than never. 

Recently, I took an e-class, “Blogging Your Way.”  I took the class because I have managed to convince myself that I am not creative.  I was desperately hoping to find my creativity as if it were a pair of lost shoes, but I digress.  During the class, I saw some amazingly talented people and some whose creative juices were already filled to the brim and one drop away from flowering. One of those people was Desha Peacock. It turns out that the e-class was the nudge that she needed to stop imagining and start living her dreams. Thus, “The Desha Show” was born. In Desha’s own words, “the Desha Show is about beauty and inspiration, both inside and out.”

After watching the first episode, I was impressed.  Ordinarily, I am not big on beauty anything, so at first, I did not know what to expect. What I found was a TV show filled with creativity and inspiration; as well as a host who is engaging, authentic, likable and at home  in front of the camera. I look forward to her next episode. See for yourself. Introducing, The Desha Show, Episode 1. I trust that you’ll enjoy it too.

Note to Self: One can find and appreciate creativity any where.  It has no boundaries and is not limited to those things that we like or dislike. In fact, that is the beauty of creativity, it blooms every where.  

Blessings, lydia
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