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Call me a Polyvore girl.

I'm a deep color girl.
Today has been a dreary day. I’m talking about inside not outside. Although it is too cold for my taste, the sky was a vivid bright blue and the sun shone brightly caressing everything within its reach. No, I woke up feeling pretty awful with a head cold so I burrowed deeper under the covers and when back to sleep. When I woke up, I felt better but still icky, but not enough to linger in bed.

I am on a ‘beginning of the year’ tear and every day, the Goodwill pile is getting higher and higher. I piled it with books, clothes, electronics and a slew of items that I’ve bought over the years and never even opened, but this post is not about my little shopping problem. I even created a stack of items that I think certain people in my life will enjoy, so the postal service will be happy with me next week

Finally, after wearing myself out sufficiently, I grabbed for my cell phone and the computer. I answered a few texts and emails. Next, I went to Facebook, my favorite online community. Once there, I largely ignored the overwhelming number of notifications because I felt too crappy to answer them coherently. Setting that aside, I surveyed the open tabs on my computer. This is embarrassing but I seriously have, at least, 15 open tabs on my lap top. None of them interested me but Polyvore.

Since I explained what Polyvore is all about in an earlier post, I’ll let you read about it here and I won’t elaborate. The thing is that the site has become my go-to place when I (1) want to totally relax and vegetate, and/or (2) CREATE something. Believe me, with my e-courses, I have enough to keep my creative juices flowing, well forever, but I just wasn’t in the mood to get up and get out the painting and/or drawing accoutrements — that required physical activity on my part that I couldn’t muster.

So, Polyvore is the next best thing. With nothing more than my lap top, from the comfort of my bed, I can create collages in every hue and color imaginable, and at my fingertips is everything that I need, no scissors or gel medium necessary. For me, it is all about color, but I am realizing that I am also learning about composition, placement and design. It is totally mindless fun and I love posting my latest creation. Especially on a day like today, when I feeling completely unproductive, I feel that I’ve accomplished something with Polyvore to the rescue.

You really should try it out for yourself.

Blessings, Lydia

All Will Be Well. ~St. Julian of Norwich

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