Week 13, The 52 Project


I apologize that I have to edit this post. I just realized that I am labeling the posts as though the week begins on Sunday instead of Monday. As a result, I am one week ahead. Thus, the correction. Thanks for understanding. xo

This is Week 13 of The 52 Project. This week, I post a photo of my 7-year-old granddaughter, D. She is very creative and, among other things, is always creating movies, most in which she acts. This shot was taken while she took a short break from her filming. The pink flower is a prop for the movie but I think that it draws the eye to her beautiful, pensive face. I love her natural creativity and the joy that she approaches everything she does. She has a bright, joyful light and spirit that touches everyone and  everything around her. She is a shining jewel in this world. I love this little girl and I love this photograph.