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No plans, No problem, No Injustice…REALLY???

Kenneth’s blogs always raise very relevant questions to ponder. I hope that you’ll agree.

Blessings and grace, Lydia

Culture Monk

st louis 9

By Kenneth Justice

Everywhere I go I see injustice” he said

~ In just a few hours I’ll be traveling to Minneapolis, Minnesota and the next stop on my Drinking in the Culture Tour. A coffee house tour that has been my excuse to get out into the world and learn more about different culture throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

One of the unique elements of my traveling this year is that I haven’t been making reservations or sticking to strict plans on any of my trips; I’ve been merely showing up to each city and seeing where the cards might lie.

Of course, going on so many trips without any reservations has meant that I never really know what to expect; I’ve stayed on the sofas of strangers that I met along my journey, I’ve hung out with homeless people at coffee shops and listened…

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