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No Time Like The Present


WIP for “Hello Soul, Hello Mantras by LKW


WIP II for “Hello Soul, Hello Mantras” by LKW

Please note that the borders are not supposed to be there, and the height and width are off, but given my total lack of technical skills, I cannot figure out how to fix the problem. I had a problem with the border a while back but the WP forum helped me to resolve it. This time, no go. I realize that the photos look weird and I apologize. I hope that it doesn’t detract from the overall message in the post. Thanks, Lydia

As I mentioned before, I am taking several painting and drawing classes. I’ve graduated from a person who was convinced that she could do neither, to one who knows that “I can.” The photos above are my mixed media works-in-progress from my e-course Hello Soul, Hello Mantras. They are two on which I currently work. At first, I sought to choose which of the two I would post, but I realized that which one I choose is irrelevant. The posting itself is the act of courage, the quality that I am seeking to embrace for 2014, and the vulnerability that I demonstrate by posting both of these. It is the quality that I work to integrate into my life. By posting them, I overcome, among other things, the fears of self-doubt and potential for criticism and proclaim that I am enough. I tell my story honestly and the rest is unimportant. In addition to practicing vulnerability, while taking these e-courses, I’ve learned an even greater lesson.

Before, learning to draw and paint were simply words on a piece of paper. I was waiting for that perfect time to follow through on my desires. The fact is that there is no ‘perfect time’–for anything. All that is assured to us is this very moment. We can either take the risk that ‘perfect’ day may never come; or we can overcome our fears and do that we are most afraid of. The feeling of taking your life into your own hands and experiencing it is growth inducing and exhilarating. What is it that you long to do? There is no time like the present.


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