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Week 30, The 52 Project


The Passing

Well, it’s week  30 of The 52 Project. This face is of my beautiful g’daughter, D. Lately, I’ve been melancholic because of this little girl. You see, I feel that I’ve known her since the womb. I met her the day that she was born and I’ve loved her ever since. The thing is that this photo represents a passing.

D. is almost 8 and the bond between us is, though still unbreakable, I feel the tugs that come with her moving towards girlhood. She is no longer a baby, she is a little girl living in a world all her own. Although I miss that baby who always had time for g’Mom and loved to say ‘let’s cuddle.” Yet, I can’t help but be proud, as I watch this strong, amazing little girl head out into the world, armed with the confidence and assurance that she is unconditionally loved, knowing that whatever happens in her life, in addition to her home with her parents, she has another home where the doors are always open and she is always welcome.


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