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I Believe, Part II

In this earlier post, I sought to write about that which I believe. I had to force myself to stop because I realized that I could have gone on forever. After publishing the post, other beliefs swirled through my mind, and I feel obliged to continue. These are more of the many things in which I believe:

  • that no one should be discriminated against because of their race, national origin, sex, age, religious preference, sexual orientation or any other reason.
  • that employers should offer mental health leave to their employees,
  • in loyalty,
  • that one should follow his or her passions,
  • that we can not know happiness without experiencing sadness,
  • that the present moment is the only moment that we have,
  • that our actions affect the environment,
  • that listening is an art form that we all should practice, again and again,
  • that we can learn from everyone that we meet–even those that we dislike,
  • that forgiveness is not about accepting bad behavior,
  • that no matter how difficult that life can get, there is always something for which we can be grateful,
  • that everyone should try journaling,
  • that everyone should try meditation,
  • that we gain more wisdom from life’s lows than from its’ highs,
  • that it takes courage to be vulnerable,
  • that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty,
  • that you can’t judge a book by its cover,
  • that we should stop to smell the roses,
  • that music stirs the soul,
  • that less is more,
  • that laughter is contagious,
  • that we are all connected,
  • in the smell of impending rain,
  • that peace is possible,
  • that mistakes are inevitable,
  • that it is not the falling, but the getting up that is important,
  • that kindness reaps its own rewards,
  • that we are the makers of our own destinies,
  • that if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,
  • that love means having to say you are sorry,
  • that “being” is more important than “doing,”
  • that when I am gone, I want to leave the world better than I found it,
  • in the wonder of a night’s sky,
  • that giving is more important than receiving,
  • that we should strive to do good deeds, with no expectation that our actions will be noticed or appreciated, that is, doing good solely for the sake of doing good,
  • that wisdom does not depend on one’s age,
  • that hypocrisy is a societal ill,
  • that the answers that we seek are within us,
  • in the sound of rain on a tin roof,
  • in the song of the wind chime in a gentle breeze,
  • in a cold glass of lemonade on a hot Summer day,
  • in the fragrance of lavender, orange blossoms or jasmine as they waft through an open window,
  • that there is satisfaction to be had in hard work,
  • in the satisfaction of a job well done,
  • in acceptance,
  • in letting go of the past,
  • in surrender,
  • in the love of a parent for his or her child(ren),
  • that children are our future,
  • that teachers are under-valued,
  • that it is the lowliest workers who give the most to a well-ordered society,
  • in the first cry of a newborn baby,
  • in honor, respect and appreciation for our elders,
  • that no one should die alone,
  • that no child should go unwanted or unloved,
  • that our past, informs all that we are,
  • that every person should know freedom,
  • in the sultriness of a full moon,
  • that empathy is a virtue,
  • that “home” is a state of mind,
  • that trust engenders trust,
  • that grandchildren are a gift,
  • in a beautiful sunset,
  • in the sound of water as it rushes along a stream,
  • in waves as they crash on a beach,
  • in a hot beverage on a cold day,
  • that all will be well,
  • that this too shall pass,
  • in a day when there is no place to be and nothing to do,
  • in clean sheets,
  • in a towel fresh out of the dryer,
  • in prayer,
  • in compassion for another,
  • that mental illness should not be treated any differently than physical illness,
  • that any kind of abuse is abhorrent,
  • that it is our humanness that makes us who we are,
  • in the sacred,
  • that creativity is not a lesson to be learned; it is within all of us,
  • that inspiration is all around us,
  • that death is just the beginning,
  • in anticipation,
  • in a hand-written letter,
  • in an unexpected card or letter from a friend,
  • in an unanticipated check in the mail,
  • in new love,
  • in mature love,
  • in all love,
  • in saying “thank you,”
  • in saying “God bless you.”
  • in meditating by candlelight,
  • in the beauty of a candlelit room,
  • in miracles,
  • in wishing on a star,
  • in doing what’s right, even if it finds you standing alone,
  • that you have no control over anyone but you,
  • that each day offers a chance to put yesterday behind us, and to begin anew,
  • that your heart is the vehicle to your truth,
  • that it is never too late to live your dreams,
  • that the only person with whom you should compete is yourself,
  • that as you think, so shall you be,
  • that the first step is the hardest,
  • that yes, you can,
  • that many of your beliefs act as your moral compass,
  • in the journey, not the destination,
  • in the feeling of bliss when surrendering into a favorite yoga pose, and
  • in truth-telling.

Once again, I must stop because this post has become way too long. Choosing this topic, has given me considerable insight into my thoughts and beliefs, many of which had lain dormant, unknown and never verbalized. Some of them are quite mundane, but many, anything but. Yet, that is the nature of life. I recommend this exercise as a way of getting to know yourself at a far deeper level. It has given me a glimpse into the best parts of myself.

What about you? What do you believe? WARNING: Once you begin, you’ll find it difficult to stop, but then, what an excellent way to gain an understanding of your core beliefs?


2 thoughts on “I Believe, Part II

  1. Lydia, excellent follow-up to the first list; some here may be idealistic but then what’s the use of hoping and dreaming if we don’t dream and hope high? Love these. Thank you for sharing.
    Best wishes


    • Dear John,

      Thank you for commenting. I always appreciate your thoughts.

      You are right that some are idealistic, but these days, in my opinion, realism is untenable. I think that change begins with dreams and high hopes. I guess that I should have added that one: I believe in dreams. 🙂 Blessings to you, Lydia

      Liked by 1 person

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