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Week 39, The 52 Project


Baby Dai


8-year-old Dai

Today is Week 39 of The 52 Project. This is the birthday girl, one of my beloved grandchildren. Today, eight years ago, D. entered our lives, not with a whimper but with a bang. Because she was premature, her lungs were not quite developed, and they placed her in the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive care unit. She was a feisty little thing, and made it known that she didn’t appreciate the breathing tubes up her nose, by pulling them out repeatedly. Finally, the hospital restrained her to keep the tubes in tact.

Today, she is a thoughtful, self-assured, beautiful, creative and intelligent little girl, with a definite mind of her own–a G’Mom’s dream. People, young and old, gravitate to her because of her kind and gentle spirit. Her Mom has always said that D. has been here before. We are constantly astonished by her level of insight, concern for others, and her keen understanding of the world around her. She has a light that touches everyone she meets.

Although I miss the baby in the first photograph, I feel blessed to watch as the girl, in the second photograph, grows. Into what, I don’t know, but knowing her, it will be exciting. My wish for her is a life filled with love, happiness, good health, curiosity, compassion for others, laughter, joy, financial security, the opportunity to live her passions, and blessings beyond her wildest dreams. I only want to remind her that no matter how old she becomes, she is, and will always be, my baby.


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