Day One of Five

“To live in the world of creation — to get into it and stay in it — to frequent it and haunt it — to think intensely and fruitfully — to woo combinations and inspirations into being by a depth and continuity of attention and meditation — this is the only thing. ~ Henry James, Notebook entry

I met Suki Kapiano, a very talented artist who you can check out here, on Facebook. Suki has been in one or more online painting classes with me. Anyway, she tagged, in this case, choose me, to take part in a “game” or challenge to create three pieces of art a day for five days. The point of the “game” is to encourage ‘artists’ to create and to share his or her work with other like-minded people.

In all honesty, when I read the post in which she tagged and mentioned my name as one of the artists that she choose, my first thoughts were “I am no artist! Why in heaven’s name did she choose me, followed by “no way.” It was not that I didn’t want to do it, I feared that I couldn’t do it.

Although I own, at least, 20 canvases, in varying stages of completion, and a stock of art supplies that makes some serious artists salivate, I find it difficult to consider myself an artist. In spite of taking at least ten art classes over the last 1 1/2 years, I have to overcome decades of thinking that I was not creative.

I also tend to over think my pieces and as a result, the process can be plodding at times. Granted, I prefer the idea of “intuitive” painting and drawing, I have yet to reach the stage of letting go and allowing ‘what yearns to be,” to blossom. I tend to waste time thinking it through. Furthermore, I am still finding my style; you know, the one that is uniquely mine. So, it comes as no surprise that the idea of creating 15 works of art in five days seemed daunting. But, it is for that very reason that I choose to accept Suki’s choice with grace and do it anyway.

My intention is to give it my very best effort, and to complete and post three pieces a day. However, acknowledging that life often intrudes in on even the best laid plans, I will post as many as I can. As it is with life, I need to remember that the magic happens during the journey, not upon reaching the destination.

On this first day, I approached the ‘game’ with excitement and positivity, instead of allowing negativity to dampen my enthusiasm. For a change, I am seeking my inspiration from within, as opposed to, from others. Make no mistake, I will continue to be inspired by the amazing work of talented creatives, but it is also time for me to do what James recommends, that is, “to woo [my own] combinations and inspirations into being.” It’s woo-hoo time, instead of boo-hoo time. (I can’t believe I wrote that sentence, but people, I am inspired!)

So, my friends, I share with you, the first three pieces of my perfectly, imperfect art: