Day 5 of 5-Day Art Challenge

I am sorry that I am just getting around to posting day 5 of the art challenge. I took a day off because my body was screaming for me to take a breather. Afterwards, I simply forgot to post them. While taking that day off, I learned that the 3-piece-per-day requirement, need not have been new work. I did not understand that sooner.

Nevertheless, I am glad that I did not know earlier. Had I known, I would not have challenged myself to create something new each day — three of them. The challenge gave me a great deal of insight into myself, Instead of creating with my heart, I’ve thought with my head, which, as a  result, left untapped, the wealth of creativity that welled within me. Instead of letting go, I was holding back the very thing that I needed to grow as an artist. The strictures that I placed upon myself, kept me from realizing the depths of my creative abilities. The experience not only boosted my confidence and resolve, but demonstrated what I can do when I move beyond my self-imposed limitations. By accepting this 5-day challenge, I grew as an artist, more than I had after months of painting. The very fact that I can refer to myself as an “artist,” is evidence of how much I have grown.

During the challenge, I completed nine pieces of new art, so on the last day, I choose to post some of my favorite pre-existing work. So, I share with you, the last three pieces of the art challenge.  Thank you for taking this journey with me.