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Ten Things To Do On A Rainy Sunday

  1. Enjoy the opportunity to  snuggle under warm, cozy covers, blissfully alone or with a loved one–guilt free;
  2. Read the Sunday morning newspaper, complete with the time to tackle the puzzle;
  3. Have breakfast, coffee, tea, or whatever, so long as it is in bed;
  4. Eat pancakes or waffles and bacon for dinner on a covered porch with lights twinkling overhead (For just one day, the hell with diets or healthy foods.);
  5. Pull on your rain boots and head outside to revisit your childhood by splashing in every mud puddle in sight;
  6. Turn off your phone(s) for uninterrupted time to read a favorite book;
  7. Take a long hot bubble bath, in candle light, with soft music and a glass of wine;
  8. Play a board game or build anything with scores of Legos (Children not required.);
  9. Listen to the entire NPR Sunday morning line up; and finally,
  10. Take a vacay from social media.

The thing is, your choices are endless. Me? I am going to take a nap.


Any thoughts? Please leave a reply.

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