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Quote Tuesday

“Today I ask for the courage to be a holy trouble-maker, a vessel of divine mischief. People far to often assume that there is no humour in spiritual guidance, no “lightness” in light but the truth is, it is we who are heavy serious and burdened by the fears that drape human existence. Let me be a vessel for divine mischief today.” ~ Caroline Myss

2 thoughts on “Quote Tuesday

  1. AMEN!!! God, I just adore you, Lydia. All my deepest love – I’m finally back to updating my blog and couldn’t wait to come see yours. Rebel Rouse, sister soul. 😉 XO


    • You are a blessing! I am about to begin blogging more often. I miss it. I like that you use Instagram to spread your beautiful, soulful work. Keep it up and of course, I welcome your return to your blog. Peace, blessings, love and Namasté, Dear One.

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