Throwback Sunday


Over five years ago, I began this blog without a single follower. It was after a period of aching to start a blog that I “accidentally” pressed the publish button and the rest is history. At the time, I had a few followers. It wasn’t important to me because at the deepest level, I wrote for me. At various times over the years, I’ve vacillated between desiring to attract lots of followers and being grateful for those that I have already. Currently, I am practicing gratitude for what I have in the current moment. The rest is unimportant.

I’ve written a number of blog posts, some that I liked more than others. Recently, I was reading earlier posts and realized that many have as much relevance today, as they held the day that I published them. So, I’ve decided to repost some of them a couple of times a month, with editing and additional language, as needed. I hope that one or two of them strike a chord with you. This was my first blog post.


Okay, I admit it. I don’t know what a “jump break” is and my chosen blog page layout is wrong and I do not know how to fix it. Yet, I am beginning to sense a lesson here–NONE OF THIS CRAP MATTERS! I intend this blog to complement my inner journey towards “letting go of the small stuff,” in favor of delving inward deeper in order to create a deeper relationship with myself. It is a place to pose questions that have no answers, but also to laugh, wax eloquent, be a meeting place, and most importantly, to have fun. It’s the journey, not the outcome that I am most interested in.

All that matters to me is getting these words posted, and if that be on a less than perfect blog, so be it.  I have a great deal to learn about the matters of blogging and I am confident that I will do so as time goes by. For now, I know that I can hunt and peck this my first ever real post. I realize now that I do not need to be an expert blogger to do that–just little ole me, and that is more than enough.  The rest is small stuff.  Blessings, Peace, and Namaste, Lydia

Pieces of Me

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Who am I trying to kid? I’ve wanted to create a blog for quite some time. I’ve read one book after another and looked at and read one blog after another. There are some amazing blogs on the blogosphere that address whatever topic that may interest you.  The one thing that all the blogging books and how-to’s cautioned, “speak about what you know.” Speak. About. What. You. Know. Have I done that?
As I mentioned before, this blog was never intended to be one about my life with fibromyalgia, migraines or most recently pulmonary embolisms.  In fact, my intent was to largely ignore those issues unless there was a compelling reason to discuss them.  I began this blog as another way to decipher and discover the “inner” me.  How can I ignore my health issues  without ignoring significant pieces of me?  
An archeologist excavates a site eager to discover and later study the artifacts left behind by earlier civilizations.  Every artifact is of import in arriving at an understanding of how the civilization interacted, lived and ultimately perished. Likewise, I cannot pick and choose those pieces of me that I think are worthy of this blog. Like the other blog topics, fibromyalgia, migraines, are a part of me–of the totality of who I am.  At this time in my life, they hold a major role in my life; it would be disingenuous of me to deny them a place in this blog. So, as I seek my way toward inner acceptance and ultimately, peace, my health issues are also ‘what I know.’
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